engine noun

1 part of a vehicle that produces power

ADJ. big, powerful | small | twin ~s a large plane with twin engines | 1.4-litre, 1200cc, 20-valve, four-cylinder, two-stroke, etc. | diesel, internal-combustion, jet, outboard, petrol, piston, turbine, turbo/turbocharged | aircraft, car, rocket

VERB + ENGINE crank (up), start, switch on | cut (informal), kill (informal), switch off He pulled up under some trees and cut the engine. | rev (up), run She sat at the traffic lights revving the engine. | repair, service, tune | lubricate | fit (sth with) The new model is fitted with a more powerful engine.

ENGINE + VERB run She waited with the engine running while he bought a paper. The engine runs on unleaded petrol. | idle, tick over, turn over The engine was just ticking over. | catch, start I pressed the starter and the engine caught first time. | stop | fire The engine's firing on all four cylinders now. | break down, die, fail, misfire, overheat, seize up, stall | cough, splutter The engine coughed and died. | roar, scream The plane's engine roared as it prepared for take-off. | race, rev (up) He heard a car engine racing behind him. | power sth This model is powered by a 1.8-litre petrol engine.

ENGINE + NOUN capacity, power, speed | compartment, room the ship's engine room | component | failure, problems, trouble It looks as if we've got a spot of engine trouble. | noise

PREP. in an/the ~ You need more oil in the engine.

PHRASES the noise/roar/sound of the engine

2 vehicle that pulls a train

ADJ. large, powerful | diesel, electric, steam | railway, tank


ENGINE + VERB break down, fail The engine broke down just outside the station.

ENGINE + NOUN driver | failure | speed | shed