enthusiasm noun

ADJ. burning, considerable, enormous, extraordinary, great, immense, passionate, tremendous | genuine, real | growing | boundless, unbounded, unbridled | undiminished | excessive | spontaneous, sudden | new, new-found, renewed We went about our task with renewed enthusiasm. | early, initial | general, widespread | popular, public | personal | infectious | boyish, youthful | innocent | natural | religious

QUANT. burst, surge After an initial burst of enthusiasm for jogging, I gradually lost interest.

VERB + ENTHUSIASM be full of, feel, have Her voice was full of enthusiasm. | convey, express, show She managed to convey an enthusiasm she did not feel. The team have shown enthusiasm and commitment. | summon up | feign He accepted the invitation with feigned enthusiasm. | conceal, hide | share | maintain | lose | arouse, engender, fire (sb with), generate The trip has fired his enthusiasm for all things French. | dampen, dent This weather would dampen anyone's enthusiasm for swimming.

ENTHUSIASM + VERB bubble over/up trying to hide the boyish enthusiasm bubbling up inside him | grow | fade, wane, wear off

PREP. with/without ~ I look forward to the challenge ahead with great enthusiasm. | ~ about Few people expressed enthusiasm about the current leaders. | ~ among The idea aroused immense enthusiasm among party workers. | ~ for The initial enthusiasm for the project was wearing off.

PHRASES a lack of enthusiasm Both sides have shown a distinct lack of enthusiasm for discussion.