entrance noun

1 door/place through which you enter sth

ADJ. narrow, wide | main | back, front, rear, side | cave, church, harbour, school, tunnel, etc.

VERB + ENTRANCE use While the front door is being repaired, please use the side entrance. | mark The little porch marked the entrance to a churchyard. | have The building has only one entrance. | block She stood firm, blocking the entrance.

ENTRANCE + NOUN area, foyer, hall, lobby | door, doorway, gate, porch | passage

PREP. at the ~, by a/the ~ The band left by the rear entrance to escape photographers. | in the ~ She stood in the entrance to the ward. | through the ~ Go through the main entrance into the yard. | ~ from There is a back entrance from West Street. | ~ into the entrance into the car park | ~ to He was waiting at the entrance to the cave.

2 act of coming in

ADJ. dramatic, grand

VERB + ENTRANCE make She made a grand entrance once all the guests were assembled. | gain Some of the protesters tried to gain entrance to the meeting.

PREP. ~ into her entrance into politics

3 right to enter a place

VERB + ENTRANCE gain students hoping to gain entrance to university

ENTRANCE + NOUN charge, fee | ticket an entrance ticket to the zoo | requirements | exam/examination