entry noun

1 right to enter sth

ADJ. free The club offers free entry to women on Thursdays. | school, university

VERB + ENTRY apply for | gain | allow sb, grant sb They were later allowed entry into the country. | refuse sb, restrict It has been necessary to restrict entry into the club. | guarantee sb

ENTRY + NOUN criteria, qualifications, requirements, standard | visa | ticket Entry tickets to most attractions are included in the price of the holiday.

PREP. ~ into These qualifications will not guarantee you entry into the police force. | ~ to She applied for entry to Nottingham University.

PHRASES right of entry The landlord had the right of entry to the flat with due warning.

2 act of coming in

ADJ. forced, forcible The house was quiet, and there were no signs of a forced entry. | unauthorized The sign on the gates read ‘No Unauthorized Entry’. | illegal | dramatic | triumphal Caesar's triumphal entry into Rome

VERB + ENTRY force, gain He found the door locked, but he forced an entry. | make The champion made his usual dramatic entry into the arena.

ENTRY + NOUN point Drugs are believed to come into the country through five main entry points.

PREP. ~ into Hungary's entry into the EU | ~ to She wondered how she could gain entry to the building.

3 sb/sth that enters a competition

ADJ. winning The winning entry will be published in next month's issue.

VERB + ENTRY post, send (in) Send in your entry as soon as possible! | attract, get, have, receive The show attracted entries from all over the country. We have had a lot of entries this year. | judge

ENTRY + NOUN coupon, form | fee

PREP. ~ for We had too many entries for this event. | ~ in There were a record 2,000 entries in the under-17 section. | ~ to one of the best entries to our competition

4 one item in a list/book

ADJ. diary | dictionary

VERB + ENTRY make, write

PREP. in an/the ~ Very little information is given in the diary entries. | ~ for Look at the dictionary entry for ‘welcome’. | ~ in the last entry she made in her diary | ~ on First examine the entries on the marriage register.