estate noun

1 land owned by a person/family/organization

ADJ. big, great, large, substantial, vast | small

VERB + ESTATE have, own The family owns a large estate in the north of the country. | buy Queen Victoria bought the estate in 1848. | manage, run

ESTATE + NOUN employee, manager, owner, worker | management

PREP. on an/the ~ the number of people living on the estate | ~ of an estate of 20,000 acres

PHRASES an heir to an estate The young prince is the heir to a vast estate in the west of the country.

2 land with a lot of buildings of the same type

ADJ. large, massive | small | council, housing | private | industrial, trading The factory is on a large industrial estate on the outskirts of town.


PREP. on an/the ~ She lives on a council estate in Leeds.

3 property that sb leaves when they die

ADJ. personal

VERB + ESTATE leave She left her whole estate to her niece. | inherit She inherited her father's estate. | own He owns personal estate worth $30 million.

ESTATE + VERB be valued at sth, be worth sth