exhibition noun

ADJ. big, large | small | important, major a major exhibition of the painter's work | annual, summer | international, local | private, public | permanent | changing, special, temporary The library has a policy of mounting changing exhibitions. There is a series of special exhibitions throughout the year. | touring, travelling a touring exhibition of Impressionist drawings | collaborative, joint | one-man, one-person, one-woman, solo By 1914 Picasso had held one-man exhibitions in England, Germany and Spain. | retrospective | art, craft, photographic, etc. | trade the international food trade exhibition in Cologne

VERB + EXHIBITION have, hold, host The museum hosted a big exhibition of her work last year. | house The old factory has been converted to house an exhibition. | attend, go to, see, visit | arrange, organize, plan | display, mount, present, put on, show, stage They plan to stage an art exhibition in a nearby town. | launch, open The mayor will open the exhibition next week. | sponsor | go on The Mappa Mundi will go on permanent exhibition at Hereford Cathedral.

EXHIBITION + VERB open The exhibition opens at the Tate Gallery in July. | close, end | be on, be on view, run, take place The exhibition runs from 11 April to 5 July. | continue | move (on) to The exhibition moves on to the National Gallery, Washington, next month. | be called sth, be entitled sth | comprise sth, cover sth, feature sth, include sth, show sth The exhibition includes drawings by Rembrandt. | illustrate sth, trace sth an exhibition illustrating the history and development of the university | be dedicated to sb/sth, be devoted to sb/sth an exhibition devoted to female painters

EXHIBITION + NOUN centre, gallery, hall, venue | space The new wing will provide 20,000 more square feet of exhibition space. | stand Hundreds of firms had exhibition stands. | catalogue | programme the gallery's exhibition programme for next year

PREP. on ~ A selection of her paintings is on exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. | ~ of an exhibition of contemporary art | ~ on an exhibition on local history > Note at ART