exile noun

1 being sent to live in another country

ADJ. long | permanent | enforced | self-imposed, voluntary | internal Many spent decades in labour camps or in internal exile.

VERB + EXILE be driven/forced/sent into | flee into, go into The king went into exile after the overthrow of his government. | live in They joined the many other Armenians living in exile. | die in | return from He still hopes to return from exile one day.

PREP. in ~ She had spent 40 years in exile. | ~ from Dante died in exile from Florence.

PHRASES a place of exile

2 person forced to live in another country

ADJ. political | tax (= a rich person who moves to another country where taxes are lower)

EXILE + VERB return A general amnesty was granted, allowing political exiles to return freely.

PHRASES the recall of exiles, the return of exiles