expensive adj.

VERBS be, look, prove, seem, sound Her suit looked extremely expensive. | become, get Holidays in this country are getting very expensive. | make sth Adding these safety features would make the cars too expensive. | find sth I found the food very expensive.

ADV. amazingly, astronomically, enormously, exceedingly, extortionately, extremely, frighteningly, hideously, highly, horrendously, horribly, hugely, immensely, incredibly, inordinately, ludicrously, massively, outrageously, ridiculously, ruinously, terribly, vastly, very Some of these legal cases are enormously expensive. | impossibly, prohibitively Giving every patient an annual anti-flu injection would be prohibitively expensive. | increasingly | a bit, comparatively, fairly, moderately, pretty, quite, rather, relatively | correspondingly Walls are generally the greatest source of heat loss and correspondingly expensive to tackle. | needlessly, unduly, unnecessarily | notoriously | obviously | discreetly discreetly expensive perfume