fan noun

1 enjoys watching/listening to sb/sth very much

ADJ. adoring, ardent, avid, big, dedicated, devoted, great, keen, loyal, number one, real I'm a big fan of Italian food. one of the team's biggest fans The singer says her dad is her number one fan. | lifelong | armchair For armchair fans back home, it was one of the highlights of the Sydney Olympics. | obsessive The actress is asking the court to protect her from an obsessive fan who is making her life a misery. | cricket, football, rugby, soccer, sports, etc. | jazz, music, pop, etc. | film, movie | home The goal was greeted by jubilation from the home fans. | away, travelling, visiting | opposing/opposition, rival There were clashes between rival fans after the match.

VERB + FAN delight The big band sound of Syd Lawrence and his Orchestra will delight fans. | disappoint, let down Fans will not be disappointed.

FAN + VERB converge on sth, gather, turn out/up Soccer fans converged on the capital for the cup final. More than 40,000 fans turned up for the 12-hour event. | watch sth | applaud (sb/sth), boo (sb/sth), chant sth Over 25,000 fans applauded both teams off the field. | besiege sth Hundreds of fans besieged the star's hotel.

FAN + NOUN club, letter, mail

2 machine that creates a current of air

ADJ. electric | cooling | extractor | ceiling, overhead

FAN + NOUN belt, heater