fantasy noun

ADJ. pure, sheer Most of what they told us was pure fantasy. | wild She dismissed the idea as a wild fantasy. | personal, private | childhood, childish | erotic, romantic, sexual | male

VERB + FANTASY enjoy, have, indulge in | build, weave She had woven a whole fantasy about living in a cottage by the sea. | cherish, nourish I cherished the fantasy that I might one day have a son who would fulfil the dream. | act out Children can act out their fantasies in a secure environment. | fulfil, live (out), play out, satisfy My childhood fantasies were finally fulfilled. He was able to play out his fantasy of pop stardom.

FANTASY + NOUN life, world living in a fantasy world

PREP. ~ about She had a fantasy about going to live on a South Pacific island.

PHRASES the realms of fantasy The idea belonged in the realms of fantasy. | a world of fantasy She felt she had entered a world of fantasy.