fare noun

1 money paid to travel by bus, taxi, etc.

ADJ. expensive, high | cheap, low | adult, full, normal, standard | children's, concessionary, discounted, half, reduced | return, single | first-class, second-class | air, bus, cab, coach, ferry, rail, taxi, train

VERB + FARE pay I'm afraid you will have to pay the full fare. | charge Buses charged a standard fare of about 20 pence per mile. | increase, put up | bring down, cut, reduce, slash air fares slashed by a massive 30% | introduce, offer The airline has introduced a cheap return fare to New York. | dodge He faces charges of dodging taxi fares.

FARE + VERB cost (sb) sth The return fare will cost you less than two single tickets. | go up, increase, rise | come down

FARE + NOUN increase, rise | reduction | deal a special fare deal for air travellers

PREP. at... ~ Children travel at half fare.

PHRASES an increase/a rise in fares, a reduction in fares The company is promising reductions in fares.

2 passenger in a taxi

VERB + FARE pick up The taxi driver picked up a fare outside the opera house.

3 food; material for listening to, reading, etc.

ADJ. delicious, rich, wholesome | plain, rough, simple | daily, standard, staple, traditional, typical Court trials involving famous people are the daily fare of newspapers. The band's music was standard rock fare. | local | vegetarian | Chinese, English, French, etc. | Christmas, farmhouse

VERB + FARE offer, serve a restaurant serving traditional Scottish fare | sample tourists seeing the sights and sampling the local Spanish fare