field noun

1 on a farm

ADJ. cultivated, green, ploughed looking out on the green fields of Shropshire We had to walk across a ploughed field. | enclosed | open | surrounding | fertile | arable | paddy, rice | corn, wheat, etc.

VERB + FIELD work in People were working in the fields. | cultivate, work Despite the war, they continued to work the fields. | plough | plant He planted fields full of sunflowers. | graze in

PREP. across/through a/the ~ walking across the field | (out) in a/the ~ tractors working out in the field | ~ of a field of wheat

2 subject/activity

ADJ. chosen, specialist All of them are experts in their chosen field. | research

VERB + FIELD work in people who work in this field | open up This discovery has opened up a whole new field of research.

PREP. in a/the ~ There has been no solid research in this field. | outside a/sb's ~ I can't answer that?I'm afraid it's outside my field (= outside the subject I am studying/know sth about). | ~ of now working in the field of computer science

PHRASES an expert/a leader in the field, a field of research/study

3 practical work

VERB + FIELD work in

FIELD + NOUN investigation, research, study, trial | methods | trip We went on a geology field trip.

PREP. in the ~ essential reading for those working in the field

4 for playing a sport

ADJ. playing, sports | football, rugby, etc.

VERB + FIELD take Today they take the field (= go on to the field to play a match) against county champions Essex.

PREP. on a/the ~ people walking their dogs on the school's playing field | off the ~ Players need discipline both on and off the field (= when playing and in other areas of their lives).

5 the field: competitors in a sport/business

ADJ. strong

VERB + FIELD head, lead She managed to head the field across the finishing line of the London Marathon. They lead the field in home entertainment systems.

FIELD + VERB include sb The strong field includes three world record holders.

PREP. ahead of the ~ His superb technique puts him head and shoulders ahead of the field.

6 in science

ADJ. electric, electromagnetic, energy, force, gravitational, magnetic the earth's magnetic field

FIELD + NOUN strength

7 computing

ADJ. display, input

VERB + FIELD create You will need to create separate fields for first name, surname and address. | move between the use of keys to move between fields > Special page at COMPUTER