fish noun

1 animal that lives and breathes in water

ADJ. freshwater, marine, salt-water, sea | tropical | predatory

QUANT. school, shoal

VERB + FISH catch, land He landed one very big fish. | breed, farm, have, keep fish farmed in Scotland He keeps tropical fish.

FISH + VERB swim | hatch | bite The fish aren't biting (= biting at the bait) today.

FISH + NOUN species | bowl, pond, tank | food | stocks the depletion of fish stocks

2 fish as food

ADJ. fresh | dried, frozen, salted, smoked | oily | red, white

QUANT. bit, piece | fillet

VERB + FISH eat, have | clean, fillet, gut, prepare, skin I cleaned and filleted the fish. | marinade | bake, cook, fry, grill, poach, steam | flake Remove the skin and flake the cooked fish.

FISH + VERB taste This fish tastes funny.

FISH + NOUN bone | cake, dish, finger, oil, paste, pie, sauce, soup, stock | market, shop | knife, slice

PHRASES fish and chips, fish in batter > Special page at FOOD