flare noun

1 bright unsteady light/flame; sudden feeling

ADJ. brief, sudden There was a sudden flare as a fuel tank exploded. | bright | solar Radiation comes from the sun during solar flares.

VERB + FLARE see | feel She felt a sudden flare of anger.

2 device producing a bright flame

ADJ. distress

VERB + FLARE see If they did not see a green flare in ten minutes, they were to launch the attack. | fire, send up, set off The ship's crew sent up a distress flare. | drop The bomber dropped a flare to illuminate the target.

FLARE + VERB go up The flare to mark the start of the attack went up at 0440. | burn They could see orange flares burning in the distance. | explode | hit sb/sth A flare fired by a supporter hit the referee in the face. | illuminate sth, light sth (up) Flares lit up the night sky.