footstep noun (usually footsteps)

ADJ. heavy | light | dragging He heard the sound of heavy, dragging footsteps in the corridor. | measured, slow | brisk, hurried, hurrying, quick, rapid, running | loud | soft | uncertain | approaching | receding

VERB + FOOTSTEP hear, listen to | listen for listening for her mother's footsteps | retrace I am retracing the footsteps of the lost expedition.

FOOTSTEP + VERB run, walk | halt, stop The footsteps halted in the doorway. | approach, come The footsteps came closer as she listened. | recede | pass (on) The footsteps passed on, receding down the corridor. | descend the stairs | falter | die away, fade (away) Her footsteps died away as she walked down the path. | crunch, echo, pound, sound Hurried footsteps sounded on the stairs.

PHRASES the sound of (sb's) footsteps