future noun

1 time that will come after the present

ADJ. foreseeable, immediate, near, not-too-distant Things will continue as they are for the foreseeable future. A new branch of the shop will be opening in the near future. | distant, remote

VERB + FUTURE look to, plan for Don't think too much about past troubles?look to the future. | foretell, look into, predict

FUTURE + VERB bring (sb), hold whatever the future may bring you Who can tell what the future holds?

PREP. for the ~ What are your plans for the future? | in (the) ~ In future, employees will park their vehicles away from the works entrance. The possibility of travel to other solar systems still lies in the distant future. | of the ~ The stars of the future are competing in the world junior athletics championships this month.

PHRASES a vision for/of the future In her speech, the director outlined her vision for the future.

2 what will happen to sb/sth

ADJ. bright, great, promising, rosy, secure He has a great future as a designer. | bleak, dire, gloomy, grim, uncertain He forecasts a dire future for the industry. | long-term | economic, financial, political

VERB + FUTURE face, have The firm faces a very uncertain future. | determine, shape the right to determine their own future in a democratic fashion | forecast, predict, see | consider, ponder (on) After being dropped from the team the young defender is considering his future. | invest in She decided to invest in her future by taking a management course.

PREP. ~ as She has a very promising future as a musician. | ~ in He could see no future in his job.

PHRASES a question mark over the future of sb/sth A question mark hangs over the future of the company after shares plunged to a record low.