gate noun

ADJ. entrance, front, main | back, postern (in a castle), side | inner, outer | double, five-bar/five-barred, portcullis a wide driveway with double gates | great The great gates of the abbey were shut fast. | heavy | high | narrow | ornamental | open | iron, metal, steel, wooden, wrought-iron | city, factory, farm, garden, park, prison, school, etc. | security | sluice

QUANT. set a set of ornamental gates

VERB + GATE open | bar, close, fasten, lock, shut Don't forget to shut the gate when you leave. The defenders had closed and barred all the city gates. | go through Go through the gate and continue down the track.

GATE + VERB open, swing open The heavy gate swung open. | close, shut The gate shut behind him.

PREP. through a/the ~ He led us through a gate into a little garden.