golf noun

ADJ. amateur, pro, pro-am, professional Amateur golf is very competitive. | mini/miniature The hotel offers miniature golf and other activities for children.

QUANT. game, round

VERB + GOLF play | take up | watch

GOLF + NOUN course, links | hole The eighth at Banff is one of the world's great golf holes. | club She decided to join a golf club. | bag, ball, buggy, cart, club, equipment, glove, shoes, tee, umbrella You can borrow golf clubs if you want a game. | swing His coach says his golf swing needs improving. | game, match, tournament | title | handicap She has a golf handicap of 18. | professional, star | fan/fanatic | season | circuit, scene, tour | clinic, lesson The club is holding a golf clinic next week, where golfers can get advice from the pros. | correspondent, journalist, reporter, writer | magazine | holiday, package Choose from over 100 golf packages in our brochure. | widow She's been a golf widow since she gave her husband his first set of clubs. > Special page at SPORT