grasp verb

1 take hold of sb/sth suddenly and firmly

ADV. firmly, tightly

PREP. at Her hands were grasping at his coat. | by She grasped him tightly by the wrist.

PHRASES grasp hold of sb/sth She grasped hold of the banister to support herself.

2 understand sth

ADV. fully He had not fully grasped the fact that he was the one who would pay for all this. | not really I hadn't really grasped what they were talking about. | quickly | easily, readily a means by which students can more easily grasp the basics of science

VERB + GRASP try to | be unable to, fail to She failed to grasp the significance of these facts. | quick to He was quick to grasp the basic principles. | be difficult to, be hard to Some of these concepts are very difficult to grasp.