hair noun

ADJ. auburn, black, blond, brown, chestnut, dark, fair, ginger, golden, grey, grizzled, jet-black, red, sandy, white, yellow | bushy, coarse, crinkly, curly, fine, frizzy, smooth, straight, thick, wavy, wiry | beautiful, glossy, shiny, sleek | dishevelled, dry, dull, fuzzy, greasy, scruffy, tousled, unruly, untidy, windswept a new shampoo for dull or dry hair His hair was tousled and he looked as if he'd just woken up. | cropped, long, short, shoulder-length She had shoulder-length black hair. | body, facial, pubic | cat, dog, etc. The rug was covered with cat hairs.

QUANT. lock, wisp

VERB + HAIR have She had beautiful auburn hair. | lose He had turned forty and was beginning to lose his hair. | wear She wore her long hair loose on her shoulders. | arrange, do, tidy I don't like the way she's arranged her hair, do you? I'll be down in a minute, I'm just doing my hair. | plait, put up, tie back Why don't you put your hair up for this evening? | brush, comb | shampoo, wash | cut, trim He went to the barber's to have his hair cut. | curl, perm I've decided to have my hair permed. | grow I'm trying to grow my hair.

HAIR + VERB grow Why don't you let your hair grow? | curl His hair curls naturally. | fall, hang, lie Her blond hair fell over her eyes. | gleam, glint, glisten

HAIR + NOUN loss how to cope with hair loss