handle verb

1 touch sth with your hands

ADV. carefully, with care A label on the crate read: ‘Handle with care’. | carelessly Garden tools can be hazardous if carelessly handled. | roughly Many of the prisoners were roughly handled; some were killed.

2 deal with sb/sth

ADV. competently, efficiently, properly, skilfully, successfully, well I think you handled that situation very well. | badly | carefully, delicately This issue may need to be handled carefully. | easily Her next question was not so easily handled. | routinely The library routinely handles a wide variety of enquiries.

VERB + HANDLE be able/unable to, can/could, know how to This was a problem that I just couldn't handle. She knew how to handle publicity. | be designed to, be equipped to He wasn't mentally equipped to handle this situation. | learn how to | be easy to | be difficult to, be hard to Large meetings are notoriously less productive and more difficult to handle.

PREP. with She handled the crisis with total assurance.