health noun

ADJ. excellent, full, good, perfect | bad, declining, delicate, failing, fragile, frail, ill, poor He had to retire due to ill health. | general, mental, physical, sexual | environmental, occupational environmental health officers | public The poisoned food has been removed from the shops and there is no threat to public health. | human

VERB + HEALTH enjoy, have She's never really enjoyed good health. | look after, maintain You need to maintain your physical and mental health. | improve ways to improve the nation's general health | promote a programme to promote better health in the workplace | recover, regain | nurse sb back to She was nursed back to full health. | damage, harm, ruin, undermine | risk

HEALTH + VERB improve Her health gradually improved. | deteriorate, fail, worsen His health began to fail under the heavy pressures of the job.

HEALTH + NOUN care How is primary health care best delivered? | authority, board the district/local/regional health authority | issue, needs, problem | hazard, risk | education | centre a community health centre | insurance private health insurance | food health food stores | professional, visitor, worker Your doctor, midwife or health visitor will advise. | warning The air quality was so bad that the government issued a health warning. | minister

PHRASES bad/good for your health Smoking is bad for your health. | health and safety health and safety at work | (not) in the best of health, in good/poor health He felt in much better health. | sb's state of health He is unable to travel far because of his state of health.