hill noun

ADJ. big, high, long The bus sped down the long hill. | little, low, small The village is set on a small hill. | steep | gentle | rolling, undulating ~s The landscape is made up of low, rolling hills. | conical, rounded | blue, dark, green, purple | bare, forested, grassy, open, rocky, rugged, wooded | distant, far the distant blue hills | isolated, lonely | encircling, surrounding ~s Troops forced villagers to flee to the surrounding hills. | prominent | coastal | chalk the chalk hills of southern England

VERB + HILL climb (up), go up They climbed a steep hill and came to the village. | come down | take to ~s (literary) We took to the hills in a variety of four-wheel-drive vehicles.

HILL + VERB overlook sth, rise a hill overlooking the wide valley below Wooded hills rise behind the town.

HILL + NOUN climbing, walking | walker | farming | farmer | farm, fort, station (= a small town in the hills, especially in India), town, village In the heat of summer the rich fled to the hill stations. | country | top (= also hilltop) | start (= starting a vehicle on a slope)

PREP. down a/the ~ A grassy path led down the hill. | in the ~s There are several lead mines in the hills above Grassington. | on a/the ~ The church is perched on a hill. | over a/the ~ Over the hill lies another village. | up a/the ~ A few yards up the hill, on the left, was a turning. | ~ above the hills above the town

PHRASES the bottom/foot of a/the hill A spring emerges at the bottom of the hill. | the top of a/the hill