horizon noun

1 line where earth and sky meet

ADJ. northern, southern, etc. | distant, far The sea stretched away to the distant horizon.

VERB + HORIZON scan The captain scanned the horizon for any sign of other vessels.

PREP. above the ~ I watched the pale sun climb over the horizon. | below the ~ The sun was sinking rapidly below the western horizon. | beyond the ~ Land was still out of sight beyond the horizon. | on the ~ A cloud of dust on the horizon announced the arrival of the cavalry. | over the ~ The moon was rising over the horizon.

2 horizons: limits to knowledge/experience

ADJ. limited, narrow | new | cultural, intellectual, musical My first trip to the theatre broadened my cultural horizons.

VERB + HORIZON broaden, expand, open up, widen It is hoped that the course will open up new horizons for students. | limit, narrow, restrict Their horizons were limited to events within the village community.

HORIZON + VERB stretch His horizons didn't stretch beyond his next night out.

PREP. beyond your ~ They had become aware of possibilities beyond their own limited horizons.