horse noun

ADJ. beautiful, fine, good, lovely, magnificent He was mounted on the finest horse you could ever see. | bay, black, chestnut, grey, piebald, roan, skewbald | thoroughbred | feral, wild | unbroken | highly-strung, nervous, restless, skittish | frightened, startled, terrified | placid | fancied The race organizers became suspicious when the two most fancied horses finished last. | loose, riderless, runaway Three horses fell when a loose horse ran across the track. | fresh They would need fresh horses if they were to reach the border the next day. | lame | heavy, shire The brewery had 25 heavy horses delivering beer in London. | riding, saddle | carriage, cart (also carthorse), draught, dray | pack | cavalry, police | race (also racehorse) | pantomime He got a part as the rear end of a pantomime horse. | rocking

VERB + HORSE breed | get ready Get my horse ready and wait for me. | saddle | be mounted on, mount | ride | lead | brush down, groom | shoe | stable | handle She has a knack for handling horses. | ill-treat | frighten | hobble, tether | nobble He was jailed for 15 years for nobbling a horse that had been going to run in the Derby.

HORSE + VERB canter, gallop, trot, walk Several horses trotted past us. | prance | run There are ten horses running in the next race. | plod The weary horse plodded up the hill. | neigh, snort, whinny | bolt | rear (up), shy | plunge The cart overturned, the horse plunging and rearing in its traces. | fall, slip, stumble The horse stumbled and threw its rider. | throw sb | jump | pull sth They passed an old horse pulling a cart full of apples. | prick up its ears | graze

HORSE + NOUN box The car in front was pulling a horse box. | breeder, dealer, lover, owner, rider, trainer | droppings, dung, manure, shit (taboo) | fair Hundreds of horses are bought and sold at the annual horse fair. | race | racing, riding | show, trials He won second prize in a horse show. | trough The horse trough was full of stagnant water. | whip | trading (also horse-trading) (figurative) political horse-trading

PREP. on a/the ~

PHRASES a horse and carriage/cart, horse-drawn horse-drawn vehicles