hot adj.

1 of the weather

VERBS be | become, get, grow The sun shone fiercely down and it grew hotter and hotter.

ADV. baking, blazing, bloody (taboo), boiling, exceedingly, exceptionally, extremely, incredibly, insufferably, intensely, oppressively, really, scorching, stiflingly, swelteringly, unbearably, uncomfortably, unusually, very a boiling hot summer's day It was unbearably hot in the car. | a bit, fairly, pretty, quite, rather This weather's a bit hot for me.

2 of a person

VERBS be, feel, look Don't you feel hot so close to the fire? | get, grew They had been going steadily up for half an hour and she was beginning to get uncomfortably hot. His face grew hot at the memory of his embarrassment.

ADV. boiling, burning, extremely, really, uncomfortably, very I was boiling hot and sweaty. His forehead was burning hot. | a bit, quite, rather

3 of a thing

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | get

ADV. extremely, really, red-, scalding, very, white-white-hot metal | a bit, fairly, moderately, quite, rather, slightly Wash the tablecloth in fairly hot soapy water. Bake in a moderately hot oven. | enough, sufficiently The ground was hot enough to fry an egg on.

4 of food: not cold

VERBS be | keep, stay The food should stay hot until we're ready to eat. | keep sth The containers keep the food hot for five hours. | eat sth, serve sth Serve hot or cold accompanied by bread and a salad.

ADV. piping, really, scalding, sizzling, steaming, very a bowl of piping hot soup Make sure the fat is sizzling hot. | a bit, fairly, quite, rather

5 of food: spicy

VERBS be, taste

ADV. extremely, really, very I love really hot food. | a bit, pretty, quite, slightly That was a pretty hot curry!