impression noun

1 idea/feeling/opinion about sth

ADJ. distinct, firm, strong | main, overriding, overwhelming | convincing | clear, vivid | fleeting, vague | accurate | distorted, erroneous, false, mistaken, misleading, spurious, wrong | good The village gives a good impression of what a medieval city would have looked like. | favourable | negative | opposite | early, first, immediate, initial First impressions can be misleading. | final | general, overall | general, widespread There is a widespread impression that schooling needs to be improved. | public | personal, subjective

VERB + IMPRESSION form, gain, get, have, obtain, receive I got the distinct impression that you disliked her. | convey, create, give (sb), leave sb with, provide (sb wtih) The book leaves you with a distorted impression of politics. | maintain She was trying to maintain the impression that she was in control. | confirm | heighten, reinforce, strengthen | avoid It was difficult to avoid the impression that he was assisting them for selfish reasons. | correct I must correct a false impression that I gave you just now. | record She recorded her impressions of the city in her diary.

IMPRESSION + VERB count When it comes to finding a partner, first impressions do count.

PREP. under a/the ~ I was under the impression that you weren't coming until tomorrow. | ~ about I had the wrong impression about him. | ~ as to mistaken impressions as to the strength of the market

2 effect that an experience/person has on sb/sth

ADJ. considerable, deep, powerful, profound, strong, tremendous | superficial | abiding, indelible, lasting | excellent, favourable, good, great | bad, poor, unfavourable | false, misleading, wrong | right If you want to create the right impression, I suggest you wear a suit. | first, immediate The new striker failed to make an immediate impression on the team.

VERB + IMPRESSION create, leave, make

PREP. ~ on/upon The day's events left a lasting impression on them.

3 drawing

ADJ. artist's

VERB + IMPRESSION issue The police have issued an artist's impression of the attacker.

4 amusing copy of sb

ADJ. good, reasonable

VERB + IMPRESSION do He does some very good impressions of pop stars.

5 mark left on an object

VERB + IMPRESSION bear The sealing wax bore the impression of a sailing ship.