incentive noun

ADJ. big, considerable, great, massive | powerful, strong | adequate, sufficient | main, major | added, additional, extra, more | less | real | direct The most direct financial incentive to prevent rubbish is to charge people by the amount of rubbish they put out. | important | positive | special | commercial, economic, financial, fiscal, monetary | cash | price, tax | sales | work | government

VERB + INCENTIVE act as, be He argues that the free supply of skilled labour will act as an incentive for employees to be more diligent. | have She had the added incentive of being within reach of the world record. | need | give (sb/sth), offer (sb/sth), provide (sb/sth with) | create The government has created tax incentives to encourage investment. | increase | reduce | undermine High taxation rates have undermined work incentives. | remove

INCENTIVE + NOUN programme, scheme, system The company operates a share incentive scheme for its workers. | payment

PREP. ~ to an incentive to investment

PHRASES have every incentive The absence of penalties for anti-competitive behaviour means that firms have every incentive to engage in price-fixing. | a lack of incentive Low levels of profitability mean there is a lack of incentive to undertake new investment.