incident noun

ADJ. major, serious | little, minor, small, trivial | further After nearly falling twice, she managed to make it to the top of the cliff without further incident. | whole He came to regret the whole incident. | actual, real/real-life The story is based on an actual incident. | alleged | reported | recorded | latest, recent | past | bad, horrific, horrifying, nasty, terrible, ugly, unpleasant, unsavoury some of the worst incidents of urban violence | violent | fatal, tragic | dramatic | controversial | famous | regrettable, unfortunate | embarrassing | bizarre, curious, mysterious, strange, unusual | amusing | unrelated, separate The police said that two men had been arrested after the match in unrelated incidents. | isolated It is feared that the attack may not have been an isolated incident. | scattered scattered incidents of violence across the country | domestic | international | border Talks between the neighbouring countries were called off following a border incident. | racial | diplomatic An error in the translation nearly caused a diplomatic incident. | terrorist | nuclear | bomb/bombing, shooting, stabbing | pollution | off-the-ball (sport) She received a serious jaw injury in an off-the-ball incident.

VERB + INCIDENT cause, provoke | be responsible for The group is believed to have been responsible for several terrorist incidents. | be involved in The hot-headed tennis star became involved in an incident with the umpire. | deal with, handle The incident was extremely well handled. | avoid, prevent | regret | see, witness | recall, remember He recalled a similar incident 14 months earlier. | forget | describe, recount She described the incident as outrageous. They all laughed as he recounted the amusing incident. | discuss, talk about | play down the government's desire to play down the incident | report The pedestrian who had nearly been run over reported the incident to the police. | investigate | be hurt in, be injured in, be killed in | pass (off) without, proceed without, take place without The demonstration passed without incident.

INCIDENT + VERB happen, occur, take place | arise (from/out of sth) incidents arising out of an industrial dispute | involve sb/sth a minor incid | cause sth, lead to sth, spark sth (off) The incident sparked off a riot which lasted three days.

INCIDENT + NOUN room An incident room was set up at a police station near the site of the crash.

PREP. following an/the ~ He was asked to leave the club following an incident at a training camp. | in an/the ~ Three soldiers were wounded in the incident. | over an/the ~ She was never disciplined over the incident. | without ~ The patrol had covered 200 miles without incident.