ingredient noun

1 thing from which sth is made

ADJ. excellent, good It always pays to use the best ingredients when cooking. | main, major, principal the principal ingredient of smog | important, vital | secret, special | basic | common | active salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin | remaining Add all the remaining ingredients and bring to the boil. | fresh | natural | artificial | exotic | dry Use a spoon to mix the dry ingredients. | raw | food

VERB + INGREDIENT use I only use natural ingredients. | add, pour in/on/over Mix the marinade ingredients and pour over the goose. | blend, combine, mix, stir (in) Blend all the ingredients together in a bowl.

PHRASES a list of ingredients All food products should carry a list of ingredients on the packet. > Special page at FOOD

2 thing/quality necessary to make sth successful

ADJ. crucial, essential, fundamental, important, key, vital Hard work is a vital ingredient for success. | main, major, principal | basic, necessary Forecasting is a basic ingredient of business planning. | right The little town has all the right ingredients for a murder mystery. | magic, secret, special | added/additional, extra | missing

VERB + INGREDIENT have The Australian team had the added ingredient of perseverance. | provide, supply She hopes the change of career will supply the missing ingredient in her life? excitement.

PREP. ~ for Tolerance is an essential ingredient for a happy marriage. | ~ in Individualism has been the secret ingredient in developing his chain of fashion stores.

PHRASES an ingredient for success