insight noun

ADJ. considerable, great, real, significant | deep | detailed | brief | good, remarkable The objective of the research is to gain a better insight into labour market processes. | penetrating, profound, revealing, illuminating | crucial, important, invaluable, valuable | useful | fascinating, interesting | startling | fresh, new | original, unique Freud's original insights into the working of the mind | rare | clear | basic | direct The research will provide direct insight into molecular mechanisms. | further | sufficient | individual, personal | critical, historical, theoretical

QUANT. flash With a flash of insight, she found the solution to the problem. | degree

VERB + INSIGHT have The experienced specialist has professional skills and insight. | be lacking in, lack | show | allow (sb), afford (sb), give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with), produce, yield | gain, get, obtain | apply Teachers have to apply in the classroom the insights that they gain in educational courses.

PREP. ~ about Schopenhauer's insight about music | ~ into a fresh insight into Picasso's mind | ~ (as) to an insight as to how the gene works

PHRASES a lack of insight