intervention noun

ADJ. direct direct intervention to stop abuses of the environment | active, decisive, forceful | early, immediate, timely A full-scale riot was prevented by the timely intervention of the police. | effective, successful | limited | personal the Emperor's personal intervention | government, ministerial, official, state | external, foreign, outside | armed, military We would resist any armed intervention from outside in our country's affairs. | police | judicial, legal | medical, surgical | economic, political, social | divine, human The king saw this victory as the direct result of divine intervention.

VERB + INTERVENTION make to make a forceful intervention in a dispute | call for, demand The prime minister was always demanding active intervention early on. | resist

PREP. ~ against armed intervention against the rebels | ~ by intervention by a senior judge | ~ from He was furious at this intervention from the press. | ~ in the government's intervention in the dispute | ~ on behalf of state intervention on behalf of the British film industry

PHRASES the power/right of intervention