joint noun

1 in the body

ADJ. elbow, hip, knee, etc. | inflamed, painful, rheumatic, stiff, swollen | artificial

VERB + JOINT replace He's going to have his hip joint replaced.

JOINT + VERB ache | move The joint should be able to move freely.

PREP. in a/the ~ You've got fluid in the joint. | ~ between the joint between the lower and upper parts of the arm

PHRASES put sth out of joint She fell and put her knee out of joint.

2 connecting point

ADJ. airtight, watertight | leaking

VERB + JOINT make, seal

PREP. ~ between a joint between two lengths of copper

3 piece of meat

ADJ. bacon

VERB + JOINT cook, roast | carve

PREP. ~ of a joint of beef/lamb/pork