knee noun

ADJ. bony | bare | bent | drawn-up I rested my chin on my drawn-up knees. | arthritic, bad, dodgy, injured, stiff, troublesome, twisted

VERB + KNEE bend | straighten | draw up | hug He hugged his knees to keep warm. | drop (down) on, drop to, fall on/to, go down on, sink to He went down on his knees and begged for forgiveness. | sit on She sat on her father's knee (= lap) while he read her a story. | sprain, twist | graze, skin | slap He slapped his knee as he rocked with laughter. | pat He patted her knee reassuringly.

KNEE + VERB buckle, give way Suddenly her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. | knock, shake, tremble

KNEE + NOUN injury, problem, trouble | operation, surgery | joint, ligament | socks | pad

PREP. above the ~, across your ~s She had a blanket draped across her knees. | at sb's ~ The children had learnt these stories at their mother's knee. | below the ~ His leg was missing below the knee. | between your ~s If you hear the crash-landing warning, put your head between your knees. | in your ~ He's snapped a ligament in his knee. | on one ~ I went down on one knee to plug in the vacuum cleaner. | on your ~ I balanced the pile of books on my knees. He was on his knees, searching for the missing spring. | to your ~s The blow knocked him to his knees.

PHRASES bring sth to its knees (figurative) The fuel shortage brought the country to its knees within weeks. | on bended knee (figurative) She would ask for a rise, but would not beg for one on bended knee.