lead1 /li:d/ noun

1 example set by sb's behaviour

ADJ. moral

VERB + LEAD give, take The government should give a lead in tackling racism. | follow

PREP. ~ in We should follow their lead in banning chemical weapons.

2 position ahead of other people

ADJ. big, clear, comfortable, commanding, good, strong | narrow | overall | early

VERB + LEAD be in, have She has a narrow lead over the other runners. | go into, move into, take They took an early lead. | build up, establish The team has now built up a commanding lead. | hold, maintain | lose | regain They regained the lead with only a few minutes left to play. | put sb/sth (back) into | extend, increase Sheffield increased their lead just before half time. | give

PREP. in/into the ~ struggling to stay in the lead | ~ over This win gives the team a two-point lead over their closest rival.

3 main part in a play, show, etc.

ADJ. romantic | female, male

VERB + LEAD play Her big break came when she was chosen to play the lead in a Broadway musical.

LEAD + NOUN role | singer | guitar, guitarist

4 clue

ADJ. good | new | possible The police are following every possible lead.

VERB + LEAD have | follow, pursue | give

PREP. ~ on leads on the murderer's identity