leap verb

ADV. almost, nearly He almost leaped down the stairs when he heard who it was. | immediately | suddenly | clear, high She leaped clear of the water. | about, around, back, down, forward, out, up (and down) children leaping about with excitement

VERB + LEAP seem to (figurative) The photograph seemed to leap off the page at her. | be about to, be ready to Don't be so nervous?anyone would think I was about to leap on you.

PREP. across leaping across the puddles | from He leaped down from the ladder and ran over towards her. | into, off, on, onto He leaped onto his horse and rode off. | out of He leaped out of bed when he heard the telephone. | over leaping over high fences

PHRASES leap to your feet Rosie immediately leaped to her feet.