live verb

1 in a place

ADV. alone | together She disapproves of unmarried couples living together. | apart The couple have lived apart for two years.

VERB + LIVE come to, go to We went to live in London when I was three.

PREP. among living among the people of this remote island | in He lives in Manchester. | near She lives quite near here. | with I still live with my mum.

PHRASES a place to live young couples looking for a place to live

2 be alive

ADV. longer Women live longer than men in general. | forever Who wants to live forever? I don't. | happily (ever after) All she wanted was to get married and live happily ever after. | amicably, harmoniously, peaceably the need to live as harmoniously as possible with everyone else | well Most of the people live very well, with nice houses and plenty to eat. | frugally, modestly They lived frugally off a diet of porridge and lentils. | vicariously She tried to live vicariously through her children.

PREP. in Many of the people live in poverty and misery. | through She lived through two world wars. | with living with Aids

PHRASES (for) as long as you live I shall remember this day for as long as I live. | learn to live with sth learning to live with disability | live a life of sth He's now living a life of luxury in Australia. | live to (be) 80, 90, etc., live to the age of 80, 90, etc. She lived to the age of 95. | the world we live in teaching children about the world we live in