look noun

1 act of looking at/considering sth

ADJ. little | brief, cursory, quick | leisurely | careful, close Take a closer look at it. | furtive I had a furtive look in her bag when her back was turned. | overall We need to take an overall look at the situation. | nostalgic The book takes a nostalgic look at the golden age of the railway. | critical, hard, honest, radical, realistic, serious, uncompromising You should take a long, hard look at your reasons for wanting to join the army. | humorous, light-hearted The book takes a humorous look at parenthood. | fresh I think it's time to take a fresh look at our sales techniques.

VERB + LOOK have, take | get Did you get a look at his new car? | sneak, steal

PREP. ~ at I managed to steal a look at the exam paper. | ~ in/into She couldn't resist a quick look in the mirror. | ~ out of Have a look out of the window and see who's at the door. | ~ through I had a brief look through the report before the meeting. | ~ towards The book concludes with a look towards the future.

PHRASES without a backward look She walked out of the door without a backward look.

2 exploring/looking for sth

ADJ. good | little, quick

VERB + LOOK have

PREP. ~ around/round We had a good look around the old town on glazed, unfocused, vacant | wild The man had a wild look in his eyes. | funny, odd, strange He gave me a funny look. | curious, meaningful, puzzled, quizzical, searching, speculative, thoughtful | knowing, shrewd | penetrating, piercing | earnest, intense, intent, steady | bold, challenging | smug, triumphant | mischievous, wicked | amused, wry | innocent | coy, shy | compassionate, loving | grateful | apologetic | appealing, despairing, desperate, frantic | hungry

VERB + LOOK have | cast (sb), dart (sb), give (sb), shoot (sb), throw (sb) | get I got a black look from Amy. | exchange They exchanged meaningful looks.

PREP. ~ from A withering look from his wife silenced him. | ~ of He darted her a look of contempt.

PHRASES a … look in sb's eyes/on sb's face She had a puzzled look in her eyes. He opened the door with a scornful look on his face. | take that ( … ) look off your face Take that smug look off your face before I slap you!

4 sb/sth's appearance

ADJ. overall the overall look of the house | professional Use high-quality paper to give your CV a more professional look. | youthful

VERB + LOOK have | like I didn't like the look of the salad so I didn't touch it.

PREP. by/from the ~ of sb/sth Joe isn't getting much sleep from the look of him. By the looks of the first day of our holiday. | ~ for I had a look for websites on Egyptian music, but didn't find anything.it, someone's already staying in

3 expression on sb's face

ADJ. angry, black, dark, dirty, exasperated, fierce, furious, harsh, irritated, murderous, reproachful, savage, scathing, scornful, severe, sharp, withering She threw him a dirty look. | cold, cool, dry, frosty, steely | disgusted | pained | baleful, forbidding | glum, grim, hangdog | suspicious, wary | cautious | sideways | guilty, sheepish, shifty The guilty look on his face told us all we needed to know. | apprehensive, anxious, doubtful, worried They had worried looks on their faces. | sad | blank, dazed, distant, faraway, this room. | ~ about He still had a youthful look about him. | ~ of a fabric with the look of silk

5 looks: sb's attractiveness

ADJ. good | striking | classic He had classic good looks. | boyish, clean-cut, youthful | craggy

VERB + LOOK have | lose She's lost her looks.

6 fashion/style

ADJ. latest, new | casual | classic | sophisticated | individual

VERB + LOOK have | give sb/sth They've given the place a completely new look this year.

LOOK + VERB be/come back in (fashion), go out (of fashion) The classic look never goes out of fashion.