maintenance noun

1 keeping sth in good condition

ADJ. annual, regular, routine | long-term, ongoing | proper | essential The power station has been shut down for essential maintenance. | preventative | careful | easy The engine is designed for easy maintenance. | low, minimal This type of garden requires minimal maintenance. | on-site | aircraft, car, machine, etc.

VERB + MAINTENANCE carry out We carry out routine maintenance of the equipment. | need, require

MAINTENANCE + NOUN engineer, crew, man, staff, team | bill, costs | contract | service We provide a maintenance service on all our products. | programme | work

2 money paid to support sb

ADJ. child

VERB + MAINTENANCE pay | claim

MAINTENANCE + NOUN payments | arrears He was jailed for failing to pay maintenance arrears.

PREP. in ~ He pays £1,000 a month in child maintenance.