majority noun

1 most

ADJ. big, great, huge, overwhelming, substantial, vast | silent The march was by the silent majority who oppose terrorism.

VERB + MAJORITY comprise, constitute, form, make up English speakers form the majority of the population.

MAJORITY + NOUN culture, group, population | opinion, view | shareholder | stake The French company holds a majority stake in the retail chain.

PREP. in the ~ In the general population, right-handed people are in the majority.

PHRASES in the majority of cases In the vast majority of cases, customers get their money back.

2 in an election

ADJ. handsome, huge, large, massive, overwhelming, substantial | clear, comfortable, decisive | bare, narrow, slender, slight, slim, small, tiny, wafer-thin | ten-seat, three-to-one, two-thirds, etc. | absolute, outright, overall Although they are the biggest single party, they don't have an outright majority. | simple | decreased, increased | working the first Labour government with a clear working majority in the House | parliamentary | government | Conservative, Labour, etc. | necessary, requisite

VERB + MAJORITY command, have | achieve, gain, get, secure, win They failed to win the requisite two-thirds majority. | defend, maintain, retain | lose | overturn | indicate, show

MAJORITY + NOUN government, rule | party | decision | vote, voting | support

PREP. by a ~ They won by a huge majority. | ~ against Latest opinion polls have a comfortable majority against the reform. | ~ in a majority in Parliament | ~ in favour of Opinion polls indicated a two-thirds majority in favour of ratification of the treaty. | ~ over He has a decisive majority over his main rivals.