manager noun

1 controls an organization/part of an organization

ADJ. assistant, junior, middle, senior | general | accountable, responsible Each programme is discussed with the responsible manager. A product manager is responsible for product profitability. | bank, business, commercial, corporate | area, branch, departmental, divisional, office, regional | functional, operations, personnel, product | advertising, catering, development, fund, marketing, production, project, sales, technical | successful | sympathetic It helps to have a sympathetic manager.

VERB + MANAGER promote sb to He has been promoted to business development manager. | assist Your job will be to assist the production manager.

PREP. ~ for the marketing manager for a large company

2 looks after a sports team

ADJ. England, Scotland, etc. | team | caretaker He will be the club's caretaker manager until a new manager is appointed. | beleaguered another disappointing day for the beleaguered England manager > Note at JOB