march noun

1 movement/journey

ADJ. long | brisk | steady | forced | approach They reached the enemy position after an arduous approach march. | fifty-mile, four-day, etc. | two hours, half a day's, etc. The camp was half a day's march away. | northward, southward, etc. | forward, onward (figurative) the forward march of technology | inevitable, inexorable (figurative) the inexorable march of time

VERB + MARCH begin, set off on The army set off on a forced march towards Berlin.

PREP. on the ~ The army has been on the march for two weeks | ~ from the march from Paris to Brittany | ~ of a march of over 30 miles (figurative) the march of history/progress/science | ~ to, ~ towards (figurative) the steady march towards equality

PHRASES line of march Villages in the army's line of march were burned to the ground. | a … march away The border was still a day's march away. | the march eastward, westward, etc.

2 organized walk

ADJ. hunger, peace, protest, victory | anti-racism, pro-democracy, etc.

VERB + MARCH hold, organize, stage | lead | be on, go on, join in, take part in | halt, stop The farmers halted the march outside the Ministry of Agriculture. | break up The march was broken up by police in riot gear.

MARCH + VERB mark sth a march marking the thirtieth anniversary of the shootings

PREP. at/on a/the ~ There were in excess of 100,000 people at the march. | ~ against a march against racism | ~ for a march for the victims of the war | ~ from, ~ of a march of over 6,000 people | ~ to

PHRASES a march past There will be a special march past of competitors.

3 music

ADJ. military | funeral, wedding

VERB + MARCH compose | play | strike up The orchestra struck up a military march.