mist noun

ADJ. dense, heavy, thick A heavy mist rolled over the fields. | faint, fine, light, slight, thin | dark, grey, red, white There was a red mist in front of his eyes. | dawn, evening, morning an early morning mist | autumn | sea

VERB + MIST be cloaked in, be covered in, be shrouded in, be wreathed in The harbour was covered in a thick mist. | disappear into, vanish in/into The little town had vanished in the mist. | emerge from, loom out of A large figure loomed out of the mist. | break through, shine through Soon the sun would break through the mist. | peer into/through | be lost in (figurative) The origins of Morris dancing are lost in the mists of time.

MIST + VERB hang, hover, lie A faint mist hung over the valley. | come down, descend When the mist comes down it comes quickly and covers everything. | clear, lift The mist had cleared by mid-morning. | drift, float, rise, roll, swirl A grey mist floated towards us. a swirling mist a thin mist rising from the river | cling to sth Early morning mist still clung to the hollows. | fill sth | cover sth, hide sth, obscure sth, shroud sth A white mist obscured the top of the hill.

PREP. in/into the ~ It was hard to make out the path in the mist. | through the ~ The cottage was scarcely visible through the mist.

PHRASES a curtain/veil of mist