mud noun

ADJ. deep | glutinous, thick | hard | liquid, soft, sticky, wet | dried, dry footprints left in the hard dried mud | black, brown, grey, red

VERB + MUD be caked in/with, be covered in/with, be plastered with, be smeared with, be streaked with mud Her boots were caked in mud. | get/become bogged (down) in, get stuck in Several cars got bogged down in the mud. | churn sth into, turn (sth) to The cars had churned the lane into mud. | wallow in pigs wallowing in the mud | spatter (sb/sth with)

MUD + VERB ooze Wet mud oozed up between their toes. | crack The mud in the dried-up river bed had cracked.

MUD + NOUN brick, floor, house, hut | flats

PREP. in the ~ She fell in the mud. | through the ~ We squelched through the mud.

PHRASES a layer of mud, a sea of mud