music noun

1 arrangement of sounds for singing/playing

ADJ. beautiful, good, great, wonderful | loud | quiet, soft, sweet The soft background music made her feel sleepy. | heavy Heavy music thundered from the basement. | light | serious | tonal | atonal, twelve-note | contrapuntal, polyphonic | original | live | recorded, taped | background | piped | band, choral, instrumental, orchestral, symphonic | guitar, keyboard, organ, piano, vocal, etc. | chamber | church, liturgical, religious, sacred | secular | ballet, film, incidental, theme the incidental music for a radio play | computer, electronic | Western | traditional | period Appropriate period music can be played on visits to a historic building. | experimental | avant-garde, Baroque, classical, contemporary, early, medieval, modern | black, calypso, country, dance, disco, ethnic, folk, gospel, indie, jazz, pop/popular, rap, rave, reggae, rock, soul, underground, world

QUANT. piece | bar, line

VERB + MUSIC listen to Listening to music is a great way to relax. | hear She could hear music coming from the upstairs flat. | make, perform, play We love to make music as a family. | play, put on Put some music on, would you? (= play a CD/cassette) | turn down/up Could you turn that music down? | compose, write | arrange | put/set sth to Schubert set several poems by Goethe to music. | create, produce With the guidance of the conductor, an orchestra creates music and harmonies. The city has produced a lot of good music. | provide a beach party with music provided by a local band | broadcast | record | be into, enjoy, like, love She's really into rock music. | get into He got into music (= became involved in the music business) by chance.

MUSIC + VERB play Calypso music played faintly in the distance. | blare, thunder disco music blaring out of the open windows of a car | come, drift The music was coming from next door.

MUSIC + NOUN business, industry | scene Birmingham's live music scene | world She is a rising star in the music world. | press The album has been praised in the music press. | charts The band are number one in the music charts. | festival | appreciation | fan, lover | critic, director, teacher the choir's music director | group | centre We bought a new television and music centre at the weekend. | video | room

PREP. to (the) ~ to dance to the music

PHRASES in time to (the) music They did their exercises in time to the music. | music and song an evening of Scottish music and song | the sound of music The sound of pop music drifted through the open window. | a style of music, taste in music Her taste in music was wide. | words and music He made up the words and music for the song. > Note at SUBJECT(for more verbs and nouns)

2 written signs that represent musical sounds

ADJ. printed, sheet

QUANT. bar, line, sheet

VERB + MUSIC read Can you read music?

MUSIC + NOUN score | stand Put your music on the music stand. | publisher, publishing

PREP. ~ for music for piano, cello and voice

PHRASES play/sing, etc. with/without (the) music