negotiation noun

ADJ. difficult, lengthy, protracted | direct | successful | fruitless, unsuccessful | behind-the-scenes, secret | bilateral, multilateral | constant, continuous | delicate | detailed | serious It's time for some serious negotiation. | high-level | pay, peace, trade, wage, etc.

VERB + NEGOTIATION enter into, open | break off | resume | conduct Negotiations were conducted in secret. | conclude | be open to, be subject to The final price is open to negotiation.

NEGOTIATION + VERB begin, start | continue, go on Negotiations continued all day to avert a strike. | break down, collapse


PREP. by ~ Rents are agreed by negotiation. | in ~ (with) She is in negotiation with other heads of state on the question of oil prices. | through ~ The problem should be resolved through negotiation. | under ~ Contracts are under negotiation. | ~ between The alliance is the product of months of negotiation between the two parties. | ~ of the negotiation of a new contract | ~ on international negotiations on reducing sulphur dioxide emissions | ~ over negotiations over the number of houses to be built | ~ with negotiations with the other side

PHRASES a basis for negotiation, a matter for negotiation, months/years of negotiation They signed the treaty after several years of negotiation. | a process of negotiation Compromise is reached by a process of negotiation. | room for negotiation There is considerable room for negotiation on some of the details. > Special page at MEETING