network noun

ADJ. extensive, large, vast, wide, widespread | complex, elaborate, intricate | dense | strong a strong network of friends | supportive | global, local, national, worldwide | communications, telephone | bus, motorway, rail, railway, road | social | news, radio, television | computer | distribution, support | integrated

VERB + NETWORK build up, create, establish, form, set up They are establishing a network of pumps and pipelines to move the oil. | form The new rail services will form a network connecting the capital and major cities. | run They were unable to run the telephone network economically. | manage software to help you manage your network

PREP. across a/the ~ Users can access data across a network. | in a/the ~ Members are all linked together in a network. | on a/the ~ All computer users are connected on a network. | over a/the ~ The files are accessible over a network. | through a/the ~ Drinking water is brought to the village through a network of underground pipes. | via a/the ~ The newspapers are sent out via a national distribution network. | ~ of a network of motorways > Note at ORGANIZATION