nose noun

1 part of the face

ADJ. big, bulbous, enormous, huge, large, long, prominent, strong | little, small, stubby, tiny | straight | aquiline, curved, Roman | beaky, crooked, hooked | snub, tip-tilted, turned-up, upturned | pointed, sharp The sharp nose and thin lips gave his face a very harsh look. | narrow, thin She had dark eyes and a long narrow nose. | flat, flattened | aristocratic, elegant | pink, red, shiny He stuck his bulbous red nose back into his pint of beer. She dressed up as a clown with a white face and red nose. | blocked, congested, dripping, runny, snotty a child with a runny nose | bleeding, bloodied, bloody, broken, swollen | wet The dog pushed its wet nose into my palm. | sensitive Cats have very sensitive noses and rely heavily on scent markings. | pierced | false I had to wear a black moustache and false nose for the role.

VERB + NOSE breathe through | blow, wipe | pick, rub, scratch | tap He tapped his nose in a knowing gesture. | wrinkle She wrinkled her nose as if she had just smelt a bad smell. | break, split | turn up (figurative) The children turn up their noses at almost everything I cook. | look down (figurative) People who live in that area tend to look down their noses at their poorer neighbours.

NOSE + VERB wrinkle His nose wrinkled with distaste. | twitch | point She walked with her shoulders back and her nose pointing skyward. | run She was weeping quite loudly and her nose was running. | bleed

NOSE + NOUN job She wasn't happy with her appearance so she had a nose job. | bleed (also nosebleed)

PREP. through the ~ Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. | up your ~ The boy sat there with his finger up his nose.

PHRASES the bridge of the nose He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. | (put/stick, etc.) your nose in the air (often figurative) She walked in with her nose in the air, ignoring everyone. | press your nose against sth Charlie pressed his nose against the window.

2 front part of a vehicle

ADJ. blunt

VERB + NOSE push down, put down He pushed the nose down for the final approach.

NOSE + VERB dip, drop The plane's nose dipped as it started descending towards the runway.

NOSE + NOUN cone, section | dive (also nosedive)

PHRASES nose to tail The traffic was nose to tail for miles.