observer noun

ADJ. casual To the casual observer, it would have looked like any other domestic argument. | informed | accurate, acute, astute, careful, experienced, keen, seasoned, shrewd | sceptical | sympathetic | detached, impartial, neutral | external, independent, outside Independent observers will monitor the elections. | foreign, international | American, Western, etc. | industry, military Some military observers fear the US could get entangled in another war. | human

VERB + OBSERVER send sending observers to check the conduct of the elections | attend sth as | impress, puzzle, strike, surprise The suddenness of this move surprised many observers.

OBSERVER + VERB attend sth The talks were attended by observers from eight Arab countries and Israel. | monitor sth

OBSERVER + NOUN status The country was granted observer status at the summit.

PREP. as an ~ I attended the conference as an observer.