panic noun

ADJ. blind, mad, sheer, total | mild, minor | momentary | growing, mounting, rising | sudden | last-minute There was a last-minute panic when nobody could find the tickets. | moral a moral panic over rising crime rates

QUANT. surge, wave I felt a surge of panic when I realized my mistake.

VERB + PANIC feel He felt panic rising within him. | get into, go into She went into a mad panic when she couldn't find the exit. | cause, create, spread | fill sb with, throw sb into The thought of having to be in charge threw him into a mild panic.

PANIC + VERB break out, spread (across/through, etc. sth), sweep over/through sth Panic swept through the crowd. | seize sb | grow, rise | subside | ensue In the ensuing panic, they lost each other.

PANIC + NOUN attack She still has panic attacks, two years after the accident. | button The shopkeeper pressed the panic button and the police arrived in minutes. | buying, selling Panic buying turned the petrol shortage into a crisis.

PREP. in (a) ~ He jumped out of the car in a panic. People fled in panic. | with ~ Her mind went blank with panic. | ~ about panic about food contamination | ~ among panic among the population | ~ over The keys were lost during the panic over the fire alarm.

PHRASES a feeling/sense of panic, in a state of panic, a look of panic A look of panic spread across the boy's face. | a moment of panic, a moment's panic